IT Support

IT Support – Covering Chester, North Wales and beyond!

IT plays a critical day to day role in almost all businesses today regardless of scale or sector. Therefore the upkeep of those IT Systems is intrinsically linked to the potential profitability and success of the business. With this in mind, the core of our business focus is to provide a responsive, reliable and highly professional IT Support service.

As a business we have a vast knowledge pool to call on and a great deal of experience gleamed from 20 years of dealing with IT within small businesses. We believe that ownership of incidents is a key aspect to delivering a good service to a customer, and a relentless commitment to service excellence.

The initial step when working with any customer is to understand at a high level the business operation and objectives, whilst identifying in more detail how current IT Systems are used. From this initial point we will provide recommendations where applicable on best use of systems, along with a longer term IT Roadmap in line with business objectives.

We provide two tiers of IT Support services designed to capture the needs of both smaller and medium sized customers, and to suit both on premise and cloud hosted environments. CompleteCare is a remote only IT Support package, pre paid annually and designed to meet the needs of customers with a smaller number of users, whereas our Managed Service package is designed to meet the needs of customer with a larger number of users and typically more complex environments.