Cloud Computing

The IT landscape is changing and technologies previously reserved for big budget corporate businesses are now available to small and medium businesses. Cloud Computing is a rapidly growing area whereby businesses are choosing to host their critical IT Systems in the Cloud and utilising them on a subscription basis as opposed to keeping the systems within their own business premises.

Whilst still a relatively young technology, the benefits to some businesses are significant and seem to be increasing. Reduced total cost of ownership through ongoing software and hardware upgrades, reduced IT Support requirements, highly resilient Backup solutions and in the main system uptime at a very high percentage are just a few of the more compelling points.

All of these points taken into account, a hosted solution is not right for all businesses. Line of business applications do not yet fit the Cloud as comfortably as they need to, and people’s concerns over the reliability of Internet connections are both aspects that need to be addressed before Cloud will fit more of our customer base. In almost all of our current customers, the requirement for some degree of a Server on premise remains, even if a move to the Cloud is favoured for business critical systems such as Exchange and SharePoint.

At 4Site we will look at the individual needs of our customers and if we believe there is a strong case for a customer to move to a Cloud based solution we will recommend the approach. We are a Microsoft Online Services partner and have extensive experience of migrating businesses from on premise to Cloud based infrastructure, with customers who have made the move from on premise solutions to Cloud having found the experience very positive.

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